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Great Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Designs

Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets – Choosing the kitchen cabinet finishing paint sometimes will be crucial but with the right consideration, you will get the best kitchen cabinet you want. The lacquer is good even it doesn’t as good as the polyurethane. For the lacquer, the best way to use this paint is by spraying it. If you want to DIY this finishing painting process, you should do it at the outside because the lacquer is flammable item. The lacquer is also noxious. That’s why it is very important to spray it at the outdoor. To get your perfect lacquer kitchen cabinet, you can choose between DIY it or just buy it to your favorite shop.

If you want to get the best lacquer finishing result, you should don’t do it at the humid area. Doing painting at the humid area will make the lacquer turn milky. If you have not the outside are for doing this activity, you can apply the fan at your room. The fan can throw up the flammable toxic of the spray. If you want to DIY your finishing kitchen cabinet project, you can start by removing all the kitchen cabinet hardware and all the screwdrivers. Place them on the safe place and clean them as clean as you can. After you have cleaned it, you must sand the kitchen cabinet wood. Sand the kitchen cabinet wood will give you the best result.

Lacquer Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

After you have give your kitchen cabinet wood the sand, now it’s time to install the stain on your kitchen cabinet. After that, you now can spray your lacquer. Before spray the lacquer, do not forget to add the lacquer thinner on to the lacquer. Spray it carefully to get the perfect finishing result. When you DIY all these things, you can ask your family to help you and have fun together.