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Elegant Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets Design Innovation

Shabby chic kitchen cabinets is one of a kind styles for decorating kitchen furniture sets that are popular these days. Shabby chic kitchen cabinets is a style of kitchen interior furniture sets that feature a classic or vintage style to your kitchen. This style it is becoming popular among the people. Shabby chic styles certainly looks unique in modern times but still look elegant even with simple styles. But not only for the interior of the kitchen all home interiors can also use shabby chic styles. If any of you like the old-fashioned style or retro-style, try to equip your kitchen with the shabby chic kitchen cabinets.

Shabby chic styles may be an option for decorating your kitchen at home. Let’s discuss a little history of shabby chic styles, shabby chic styles popular during the 19th century in England. Shabby chic is derived from the word “shabby” meaning antique or old-fashioned and “chic” means beautiful or gorgeous. So, shabby chic is a term for the interior design that has a characteristic shabby but still look beautiful and gorgeous. Shabby chic styles using the antique and traditional furniture used for homes in the England. Shabby chic styles can create an impression of the original in your kitchen. That’s the origin of shabby chic styles in modern times.

How to Paint Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets

Staining is very important items when using shabby chic styles. For shabby styles chic is synonymous with pastel colors that give a soft impression. Some colors are synonymous with shabby chic styles are pink, beige, light blue, purple, or green. The combination of the colors had been able to give the impression of classic and calm in your kitchen space. One thing you should remember that when giving staining for shabby chic styles are not wearing the colors are too light, choose colors that seem faded because that is a hallmark of shabby chic styles.